Celebrating 15th Anniversary

It wasn’t too long ago when a group of individuals led by Mr.Ryan Howsam, a British entrepreneur, discussed how they can blend in their ideas for a software start-up in Sri Lanka. This was the beginning of Intervest Software Technologies that has led to a decade of success in operations. The name Intervest was derived from two words, ‘internet’ and ‘investment’. Incorporated in 2007, the company started its work formally in 2008 with a few individuals coming together to help revolutionize the insurance platform in the UK, with innovative technology created by talented Sri Lankan IT professionals.

Our Services

We know that one size does not fit all. Our customers’ success stems from making each employee recognition program match each organization, down to the details. We work to understand the uniqueness of your organization and vision, so we can set up and support your success, every day.

Software Development

Listening to various ideas and plans to converge them to a visualized, result oriented application

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is now ‘THE’ hype due to heavy use on mobile handsets, and we want to get in touch and make a larger audience available to our clients

System Administration And System Support

Reliability and taking up responsibility for configuration and upkeep of software’s or multi user computers/servers

User Experience Design And Development

Every hard-coded software being stripped down to a humble yet powerful interaction for the final customer

Welcome to Intervest

Complex ideas, powerful innovations & top of the line integration of technologies that come together under one roof

Intervest Software Technologies (Private) Limited was inaugurated on 18th October 2007 under the companies act No.7 of 2007 and was registered as a Board of Investment – Sri Lanka approved venture on 29th November 2007 in terms of section 17(2) of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka Law No. 4 of 1978.

Our Technologies

Continuing to expand across all horizons to figure out the most appropriate tech to elevate all beneficiary parties in a project

Company Culture

Youngsters have a lot to contribute to any aspect of businesses and we believe that too. Fun loving, honesty and integrity strengthens this belief and that has been the unwritten policy we uphold here.

Recreational Zone

Limiting yourself to the desk isn’t an option here. Going out, socializing, bond and adding memories to your life is a need we create in our company culture.

Forge New Connections

Making mistakes is not looked down upon in our Big Family because to us, learning from those mistakes puts a bigger smile. Every individual is guided to better themselves under the Intervest supervision.

Do what you love

Many opportunities are open for those who strive for passion through their corporate career. Because we believe this to be an important element for a work-life balance.

What people Say

Hear out what few of the Intervest family members say about the organization and how they have been inspired from being here.