Celebrating 15th Anniversary

It wasn’t too long ago when a group of individuals led by Mr.Ryan Howsam, a British entrepreneur, discussed how they can blend in their ideas for a software start-up in Sri Lanka. This was the beginning of Intervest Software Technologies that has led to a decade of success in operations. The name Intervest was derived from two words, ‘internet’ and ‘investment’. Incorporated in 2007, the company started its work formally in 2008 with a few individuals coming together to help revolutionize the insurance platform in the UK, with innovative technology created by talented Sri Lankan IT professionals. The celebration of our 15th anniversary and what the organization has become in the industry can be viewed in the gallery below.

To kick off the celebrations with respect to this milestone, Intervest organized a grand evening at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, on 15th March 2018. Shortly after the traditional lighting of the oil lamp, Dr. Sanath Jayasena (Director) delivered the opening address and Mr. Lakshitha Atapattu (Director) added to the same with some encouraging thoughts.
They reminisced the humble beginning of Intervest with its major client Staysure, UK and continued to thank the employees for their dedication. Also, a word from the CTO of Staysure Mr. Jonathan Cattle was shared in all excitement of this day.
Over the past 15 years a significant growth in the company has been recorded, standing strong with over 70 employees today. This is another tool to measure the success of Intervest. With more projects being on-boarded in 2018, there’s potential for the organization to leave a bigger footprint in the software and technology industry. The key product releases and milestones have been Staysure Travel Insurance in Service Oriented Architecture, Avanti Travel Insurance website launch and Tourily website, to name a few.
The glamorous event held in the Jubilee Ballroom had a special segment to reward those who had completed a long service in this challenging and exciting journey with the organization. It didn’t stop there: medals were awarded to the winners of the table tennis competition held within the company and there was a special raffle draw – for scrumptious buffets to be enjoyed at various 5-star hotels. All members of the Intervest team had a wonderful night, filled with excitement, music, dance and culinary delights. Thus concluded the anniversary celebrations after a decade-long successful operation of Intervest.

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Intervest Software technologies celebrates 15 years

Intervest Software technologies, a venture which began as a start-up initiative by a dedicated team of individuals led by British entrepreneur Ryan Howsam, celebrates its 15th year of operation in Sri Lanka.